Stop the digital search for the one! Swipe yourself off the couch and come to Kriterion Wednesday July 27 at 21.00, for some old-fashioned speeddating. 

Send an email including your name, age, gender and what gender(s) we can match you with to [email protected]

Bring your match (or your friends) to the Summer of Love Shortfilms afterwards, starting at 22.30. 

LGBTQIAP+ inclusive. 

Hand picked by Kriteriers Natalia and Siera, we will be spinning a variety of shorts to keep this evening moving at a nice pace.

This evening will be divided into two parts:

1) The film Transnistra will be played at 7pm.

2) As part of the speed-dating, a number of (hot) shorts will be played to start the fire. These shorts will follow each other rapidly, see this page for more information!

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1) Incendios (2021) | 7 min

After high school, two teenage friends hang out on the industrial fringe of their rapidly changing hometown. It’s the middle of summer, the last summer the boys have to explore their relationship before one of them is forced to move.

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2) A Holiday from Mourning (2020) | 15 min

A teenager tries to escape grief over the death of her mother by joining her friends on a graduation trip to a Portuguese party town. There she immerses herself in a maze of booze, drugs, dancing and sex. She bathes in the sun on the beach, buys xtc at a club and goes to a party with a local boy. But the faster she runs, the more the feeling she is trying to escape catches up with her.


3) Heartbreak Thunder (2019) | 5 min

Dutch filmmaker Mees Peijnenburg directs this visual poem that charts the reality of a relationship breakup with raw and sincere aplomb. “Most breakups are not easy,” says Peijnenburg. “You either hold out hope or you cry because it will never be the same.” The viewer never meets the couple at the center of the story, instead they are decorporated into text conversations and phone silences. “I wanted to keep the couple anonymous,” says the director, “and open to interpretation, so that each viewer can put themselves in this situation.


4) Tongen, Dominique Gimberg (2017) | 11 min

Fleur and Elise (15) spend years delving into flirting techniques they find on the Internet and applying them to the boys at their school, until a spark ignites.