I AM SURF Film Festival 2017

VRIJDAG 24 FEBRUARI | 18:00 | €22,50

Op 24 februari 2017 viert I AM SURF Film Festival voor de vijfde keer de surfcultuur in Filmtheater Kriterion in Amsterdam. Na een korte afwezigheid neemt I AM SURF je graag weer mee op een surftrip langs legendarische golven en unieke verhalen waar je dagenlang stoked van bent.

Girl Go Big!!

24 FEBRUARI | 19:00 - 19:10

"Girl Go Big!!" tells the epic story of Swiss surfer Alena Ehrenbold. While living in a landlocked country, she turns to the biggest challenge of her life: to ride the biggest waves in Europe. Together with her mentor, Basque big wave legend Ibon Amatriain, she journeys into a life changing experience at big wave spot 'Roca Puta'.

Big Wave in the Basque Country

24 FEBRUARI | 19:10 - 19:50 In the 16th century Basque sailors were master of the ocean and for many surfers the Basque country remains their favorite surf destination. The goal of this movie is to highlight the untold story of a special breed of watermen that live in a very special place.  

Surfer’s Blood

24 FEBRUARI | 20:30 - 21:30

Renowned surf photographer and filmmaker Patrick Trefz explores the essence of the sport he loves by profiling those who inspire him. "Surfers' Blood" tells the universal story of true individuals that share deep bloodlines connected to the sea.


24 FEBRUARI | 22:00 - 22:10

One of Hawaii’s most respected underground big wave surfers, Kohl Christensen presents "Stonehead”. This short film features Kohl and fellow hellmen heading across the Pacific ocean to search a perfect, giant wave.

Alternative Surf Craft

24 FEBRUARI | 22:10 - 22:50

Alternative Surf Craft is a very special film directed by award winning filmmaker Josh Pomer. Featuring top surfers that carve their own path by riding unique and alternative surf craft, Alternative Surf Craft will blow your mind with what can be done on different surf designs.