6 OKTOBER 19:30

Regisseur Frauke Sandig, Eric Black

Lengte 1u38

Jaar 2012

Taal Spaans, Duits, Yucateeks Maya

Ondertiteling English

The zapatistas are an anti neo-liberal and anti-capitalistic movement that originated in Chiapas – Mexican freedom fighters. 
The zapatistas are organising the Tour of Life, during which they will share the story behind their movement and the history of now known Mexico, through film. The screening will include an introduction by Enrique Gomezllata. Besides a showing of Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, we will also be organizing a fundraiser that same night. Merch will be sold by the team of Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth. 

Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth (2011) allows the Maya of today to answer, following six young Mayans in Guatemala and Chiapas, who through their daily and ceremonial life, reveal their determination to resist the destruction of their culture and environment. As corporations go to the ends of the earth to extract all value, all resources, they put forth a wholly indigenous perspective in their own words, without narration. Each story touches upon a facet of the current global crisis.

Beautifully filmed over years, the intimate accounts of the protagonists interweave with images associated with the fragile beauty of nature and the creation myth of the Popol Vuh. Ruins of a former Mayan civilization stand in the background as harbingers of our own possible fate. The Maya, like many indigenous people, believe they are the guardians of the Earth. Their cosmovision, in which all life is sacred and interconnected, presents a deeply compelling alternative to the prevailing world order.

Enrique Gomezllata
Dr. Enrique Gomezllata completed a Bachelor’s Degree in History, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Subsequently, a Master in Social Sciences and a Doctorate in Social Sciences issued by the University of Amsterdam. He has conducted research on the theoretical and practical aspects of the violence that affects Mexico and has taught at European and Mexican Universities on issues related to the Latin American region with special attention to conflicts, racism, international politics and communication policies. He is a member of the coordination team in Gira Zapatista va a Holanda.