22 MAART | 19:00

In collaboration with Nascosto we will screen two short films back-to-back. Prior to the film there will be an audiovisual performance by Pouya.

Pouya Ehsaei is a British- Iranian musician, sound designer, producer, curator and promoter currently residing in London. Pouya is the leader of the band Ariwo and the figure behind the electronic and live music club night Parasang. 

Since the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman under police custody in September 2022, tens of thousands of Iranians have been protesting all across Iran, but also in hundreds of cities worldwide. Many governments and international organizations have condemned the ongoing violence. They have been leveraging different penalties, such as sanctions, to pressure the Islamic Republic of Iran to change its behavior. However, while many have been focusing on punishing the Iranian government, less attention has been given to initiatives that can strengthen and enable the Iranian people in their resistance.

Nascosto is an Amsterdam-based community of diverse yet like-minded individuals from different backgrounds. One Step Forward is Nascosto’s action arm, which focuses on enabling various organizations in the Netherlands to support the Woman Life Freedom movement.

The first film is Dream of Silk. In Dream of Silk, director Nahid Rezai returns to her all-girls high school twenty-five years later to explore the lives of young girls in contemporary Tehran. In this candid exploration of their dreams and hopes, the girls are at times shockingly open, often sweet, and occasionally sad as they talk about the future.

The second film is Retouch. In Retouch, Maryam’s husband died in front of her eyes and she just watches until he died.


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Vandaag 22 maart