FRIDAY OCTOBER 1st | 14:30

Regisseur Chris Kraus

Cast Hannah Herzsprung, Monica Bleibtreu

Lengte 110 min.

Jaar 2006

Taal German

Ondertiteling English

Set in a dreary prison, this transcendent tale pits a tightly-wound taskmaster against a convicted murder with serious anger issues. Making an auspicious debut, Hannah Herzsprung blisters as the battered prisoner, a woman whose tentative connection with her teacher is built on a mutual loathing of everyone else.

Traude Krüger is a piano teacher. Not at a school, but in a prison. After an audition among prisoners and staff, one student remains: Jenny von Loeben, who is imprisoned for murder. Jenny is talented and Mrs. Krüger believes she has a chance to win a talent show. The director sees this talent show as a good publicity for his own policies and allows Jenny to have private lessons. Others, however, do not like this at all and try in every way possible to thwart the lessons. But Mrs. Krüger wants Jenny to go to the talent show at all costs.

This screening is part of our Modern Classics in September. This month we focus on the stories that involve the music genre classical music in every facet. Each screening on Monday evening will include live music to set the mood.

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