30 JANUARY AT 21:00 & 4 FEBRUARY AT 16:30

Regisseur Chantal Akerman

Cast Aurore Clément, Tchéky Karyo, Angelo Abazoglou

Lengte 1u30

Jaar 1982

Taal French

Ondertiteling English

Following over two dozen different people in the almost wordless atmosphere of a dark night in a Brussels town, Akerman examines acception and rejection in the realm of romance.

In the night, a door suddenly opens. A woman, her shoes in her hand, throws herself into the arms of a man.

A phone rings, a man rushes in, out of breath.

A slow dance crosses the feverish night. 

A teenage girl attracts a man against her. 

A woman, agitated, pushes a door, runs up the straits four at a time. 

A man grabs a woman, she resists him. 

Two men separate.

A distraught woman throws herself into a cab.

In a city, on a very hot, stormy summer night, men, women, children, caught up in desire, ready for anything, let themselves be carried away, sometimes to the point of vertigo, in the excess of their feelings.

Until dawn.

TOUTE UNE NUIT, fragments like pieces of intensity, almost all of which have to do with the quivering, the loving or sexual tension, always with feelings. 

Toute Une Nuit is the fifth and final film of this month’s Modern Classics theme: The City.

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