JULY 9TH AT 16:30

Regisseur Jane Arden

Cast Sheila Allen, Jane Arden, Jack Bond

Lengte 142 min.

Jaar 1972

Taal Engels

In The Other Side Of The Underneath, Jane Arden collaborates with her theater group “The Holocaust” and sets up an intriguing and moving story. The images let you witness the experiences of a young woman with schizophrenia, who is rescued from a river and placed in a mental institution. Here she comes into contact with other schizophrenic women, and horrific scenes occur. 

Jane Arden’s work presents a feminist visual work that makes you wonder if psychosis is at least partially a result of lifelong oppression and objectification. Jane was a part of the anti-psychiatry movement and although the film consists of her interpretations of it, it also leaves a surreal part to make sense of as a viewer. 

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