27 NOVEMBER | 13:00

Regisseur Bong Joo-ho

Lengte 2u

Jaar 2006

Taal Koreaans

Ondertiteling Engels

Careless American military personnel dump chemicals into South Korea’s Han River. Several years later, an unidentified creature emerges from the tainted water of the Han River and sinks its ravenous jaws into local residents. When the creature snatched away a teenage girl (Go Ah Sung) from her father (Song Kang-ho), her entire family set out to locate the horrifying monster and bring their little girl back home to safety.

Bong Joon Ho is known for his cunning depiction of Korean society as a puppet-Americanized state. While the film makes bold statements on the anti-americanization, its main focus is still on the family. This ‘supposed-to-be a monster film’ does not need a hero or CIA agents, it only takes one devoted family to tell a stunning story with unforgetful satire.

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