Regisseur The Wachowskis

Cast Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Matthew Fox, Benno Fürmann, Hiroyuki Sanada

Lengte 135 min.

Jaar 2008

Taal English

Speed Racer is the tale of a young and brilliant racing driver. When corruption in the racing leagues costs his brother his life, he must team up with the police and the mysterious Racer X to bring an end to the corruption and criminal activities. Speed Racer is inspired by the original Japanese cartoon series.

Speed Racer is a young man with natural racing instincts whose goal is to win The Crucible, a cross-country car-racing rally that claimed the life of his older brother, Rex Racer. Speed is loyal to the family business, run by his parents Pops and Mom. Pops designed Speed’s car, the Mach 5. The owner of Royalton Industries makes Speed a lucrative offer; Speed rejects it, angering the owner. Speed also uncovers a secret that top corporate interests, including Royalton, are fixing races and cheating to gain profit. With the offer to Speed denied, Royalton wants to ensure that Speed will not win races. Speed finds support from his parents and his girlfriend Trixie and enters The Crucible in a partnership with his one-time rival, Racer X, seeking to rescue his family’s business and the racing sport itself.

Speed Racer (2008) is part of the Zomeravond theme RACEN. Every Wednesday evening during the summer, Kriterion organises a theme night with two films and a side program. The other film within this theme is Redline (2009), click here for tickets to that film.

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Speed Racer