SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24th | 20:00-01:00

Have we got something in store for you! On the 24th of September we are presenting what could be Kriterion’s biggest musical session yet called Sounds from the Workshop!
What awaits you is a large variety in sound, style and instruments. Read below what our line-up has in store!
Demis & Enrikos (21:00 – 22:00)

There is a legend that these brothers walked all the way from Greece, strumming their bouzouki and guitar. Others claim that the two just grew up in Tilburg, sweating in their parents’ delicacy business. In any case, it is unclear to us where their musical talent originated. What we do know: this is a home game for our own Enrikos and his brother. Although the opening act, possibly the highlight of the night (year). Besides, free ouzo for all being there at 20:00.


Sakura Murakami (22:30 – 23:30)
Hailing from Leeds, the enigmatic project from Sakura Marukami was born during the height of the summer in 2020. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Henry Smith, Sakura Marukami draws on a multitude of influences from across the world, to create a tropical realm of sweltering, and almost meditative psychedelia for the mind, body and soul.
Pricking the ears of Portsmouth based label Strong Island Recordings, that is also the home to early releases from the likes of Los Bitchos, Rosie Alena, Maripool and Krush Puppies; Sakura Marukami is set to release the scorcher of a debut single that is ‘Cast Away’ on April 27. 
‘Cast Away’ itself is a heady vitamin-D inducing delight of a cocktail, delving into the exotic sounds of eastern psychedelic-funk, along with western surf-rock. The drooling sun-drenched balmy beach ballad – akin to modern-contemporaries Khurangbin, Los Bitchos and Yìn Yìn, is soothing instrumental groove-laden goodness to get lost to during the ice-cream melting summer days and nights. A wonderfully glorious heatwave anthem.

Reuben Vaun Smith (00:00 – 01:00)

Reuben Vaun Smith hadn’t intended to be a musician; he was supposed to be on the football pitch. As a young prodigy, he was signed to the Leeds United youth team as a rising talent and by 16 he’d been spotted and signed by Sevilla in Spain. But the dream was over before it really began. At 18 he suffered a life-changing knee injury, catastrophically stopping his career in its tracks for good. With no back-up plan, Smith moved back to Yorkshire and contemplated what to do next.

Not long after, his grandfather bought him a MIDI keyboard – and Smith retreated to the shed at the end of his garden and started to teach himself music production. In a world full of sonic musical snobbery, a world full of the hierarchy of expensive hardware and software – Smith delivers a unique raw, live and improvised style using an inexpensive keyboard and a computer program given to him on a memory stick by one of the punters in his dad’s pub.

He joins a long list of musicians that were somehow detached from the rule-bound world of the music industry – making music as much for themselves as for anyone else. With no formal musical education and not over influenced by mixing techniques that may have slowed his raw stream of musical consciousness, here we present some of his earliest musical sketches and heartfelt outpourings.

Drawing on the Balearic style of the 1980s, Smith invokes the sound of warm nights, lapping oceans and a young man, in a Yorkshire shed, wrapping himself in layers of musical warmth and shimmering sonic landscapes.

Smith’s second album continues his exploration into improvised live instruments and programming, while venturing into new territories of music-making and genres including soca, benga and trip hop. Also sliding into the mix are organic sounds and riffs reminiscent of 2000s Villalobos sunrise scorchers such as ‘Waiworinao’, keeping the Balearic thread firmly present throughout the album. Having learned to sail along the southern coast of Spain in the last year, Smith spent a winter locked down in Yorkshire, channeling summer memories into his music and drawing influences from his own record collection which he would play everyday in the studio.