Ondertiteling All shorts have English subtitles

Together with Impact Lebanon and Subbacultcha, Kriterion organizes a night of short films by Lebanese filmmakers, to call attention to the recent devastating explosion in Beirut. 100% of the ticket sales will go to aid organizations Baytna Baytak, Beit el Baraka and Haven for Artists. 

A film night curated by Yara Yuri Safadi and Louise Marguerite Malherbe.

sodearsolovely by Diana Allan
Diana Allan films the protagonist, a taxi driver roaming around the streets of Beirut, retracing his memories, his pains and his dreams.
Ali – video clip for El Rass & Felix Snow by Ali J Dalloul and Makram Halabi
This is a videoclip by a rapper El Rass that is hyper political and became a main figure in the Lebanese revolution of October. His music was considered to be the anthem of the streets, pushing the people into maintaining their struggle against the authorities, be it the government, or their representative forces in the ground, i.e. the police and army. The filmmakers Makram and Ali combine footage from the protests and edit parts of well-known films to make a strong statement about resistance.
Prologue by Julien Hassan
This 30 seconds clip was found by the filmmaker Julien Hassan, who shot it last year from his balcony overlooking the port view that exploded. It came to him as a thought after the 4th of August, that he was overseeing 1700 tons of nitrate ammonium that was going to explode and destroy half of his native city.
Mekdes by Firas Hallak
This poetic portrait of Mekdes retraces her arrival to Lebanon from Ethiopia in order to work as a migrant housekeeper. She retraces her working conditions, the suffering that she has endured and highlights systematic problems of racism that exists in Lebanon, specificly linking it to the Kafal system, which is modern slavery contracts.
Tshweesh by Feyrouz Serhal
Tshweesh is an experimental ode to the roofs and landscapes of Beirut. Through sound design and images, Feyrouz Serhal takes us on a journey through the fears and poetry of the city.
3 logical exits by Mahdi Fleifel
Palestinian Danish filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel examines the reality of Palestinians that live in Ein el Helwi, a refugee camp south of Beirut. Through a phone conversation, it becomes clear that the future of these people is engrained in only 3 logical exits, that are not so logical after all.