Regisseur Krzysztof Kieślowski

Cast Mirosław Baka, Krzysztof Globisz, Jan Tesarz

Lengte 84 min.

Jaar 1988

Taal Polish

Ondertiteling English

Waldemar Rekowski is a middle-aged taxicab driver in Warsaw who enjoys his profession and the freedom it affords. An overweight and crude man, Waldemar also enjoys staring at young women. Jacek Łazar is a 21-year-old drifter who recently arrived in Warsaw from the countryside and is now aimlessly wandering the streets of the city. He seems to take pleasure in causing other people’s misfortunes. Piotr Balicki is a young and idealistic lawyer who has just passed the bar exam.

A Short Film About Killing may be short in its temporal duration, but it is incredibly long in its emotional effect. It is a despairingly brutal examination of humanity and the death penalty. It follows an itinerant young boy, a rude old taxi driver, and a newly appointed lawyer fresh from his exams. The boy kills the taxi driver, and the case for his life is taken by the lawyer.

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