MONDAY SEPT 6th | 21:30 FRIDAY SEPT 10th | 14:30

Regisseur Ethan Hawke

Cast Seymour Bernstein, Ethan Hawke

Lengte 84 min.

Jaar 2014

Taal English

Ondertiteling Dutch

Seymour: An Introduction is a musical documentary by and featuring actor Ethan Hawke about the renowned pianist and music teacher Seymour Bernstein. By chance, Hawke met Bernstein at a time when he was subjecting himself and his career to critical self-questioning. Months later, this intimate film portrait was born.

Bernstein is given time to delve deeper into a variety of topics that concern him: training young pianists, his performances at Carnegie Hall and U.S. base camps abroad, his lonely personal life in a one-room Manhattan apartment, and his theories about mentoring, which he believes should encompass all of life. Hawke himself is occasionally heard as an invisible questioner, hoping to get closer to the person Bernstein is by being modest, and keeping his ears open.

This screening is part of our Modern Classics in September. This month we focus on the stories that involve the music genre classical music in every facet. Each screening on Monday evening will include live music to set the mood.

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