Ondertiteling Engels

Ramallah, the West Bank’s cultural and political hub, has unlike the more parochial West Bank towns of Nablus, Hebron, and Jenin, taken on many of the cosmopolitan aspects of larger metropoles—Beirut, Cairo, Tunis—because of a combination of historical influences, present-day migration patterns, and political realities. The result is a paradoxical ““enclave city”” whose sights are oftentimes more fixed on the global rather than the national level.

Yet Ramallah is a city under siege—encamped and militarily surrounded. It exists in a curious liminality: tethered between indirect colonial occupation and the restless mobilisation of local urbanity—neither directly occupied nor free, besieged but somehow vibrant. (Nasser Abourahme)

Despite the fact that our selection of films is not directly situated in or focused on Ramallah, the films do reveal a sense of the cultural and political realities that are representative for the de facto capital of the West Bank, Palestine.

This event has been organised to raise awareness for the development of a Kriterion project in Ramallah, led by four local students and YUA (Young Urban Achievers) with the help of Amsterdam based students working at one of the Kriterion projects: Kriterion Cinema, Studio/K, ‘Skek, De Uitkijk and Kriterion gas station.


Part 1 | 19.30 – 21.30 | English subtitles | Tickets

The Urgent Call for Palestine, Ismail Shammout, 1973 (5 min)

The Living of the Pigeons, Baha Abu Shanab, 2015 (17 min)

We Began by Measuring Distance, Basma Al-sharif, 2009 (19min)

Introduction to the End of an Argument, Jayce Salloum & Elia Suleiman, 1990 (45 min)

After these films, there will be a panel discussion on the future of culture in Palestine.

Hosted by the programmers of the event, Aylin Ozalp and Sobhi Khatib will be discussing the future of the cultural landscape of Palestine; Who will develop it, what role should western countries play in this development? How should the Palestinian Brain Drain be combatted? And is there a cultural future in an occupied country?

Aylin Özalp works at Young Urban Achievers and is involved in a project aimed at creating a Kriterion-like project in Ramallah. Sobhi Khatib is a Palestinian strategist, writer and activist working at the HVA and Build Your Movement.

Part 2 | 21.45 – 23.00 | English subtitles | Tickets

Bonboné, Rakan Mayasi, 2017 (15 min)

Suspended time, 2014 (58 min, a collection of 9 short films): 

  • Leaving Oslo, dir. Yazan Khalili 
  • From Ramallah, dir. Assem Nasser 
  • Message To Obama, dir. Muhannad Salahat
  • Journey of a Sofa, Alaa Al Ali 
  • Interference, dir. Amin Nayfeh 
  • Apartment 10/14, dir. Tarzan and Arab Nasser 
  • Oslo Syndrome, dir. Ayman Azraq 
  • Twenty Handshakes for Peace, dir. Mahdi Fleife
  • Long War, dir. Asma Ghanem