Regisseur Oliver Stone

Cast Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, Tom Berenger

Lengte 120 min.

Jaar 1986

Taal English

When young recruit Chris Taylor joins up with his unit in the Western part of Vietnam, he soon realizes that the platoon is split into two groups: the tough beer-drinkers and poker-players around Staff Sergeant Robert Barnes and the music loving pot-smokers and dancers around Sergeant Elias Grodin. Taylor finds himself oscillating between the toughness of Barnes and the moral integrity of Elias; and while he will come to incorporate traits of both, he is soon drawn into the den of the ‘potheads.’

Over the course of a few weeks, the platoon is involved in battle situations and actions of war several times, as it explores a booby-trapped bunker complex and loses some of its men and as the soldiers enquire about hidden weapons in a rustic village and come close to perpetrating a My Lai-type massacre. Throughout these scenes, the animosities and rivalries between Barnes and Elias increase to the point of no return…

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Zomeravond: Homoerotic Hollywood Heroes

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