WOENSDAG 8 MAART | 15:00 | K1 & ZONDAG 12 MAART | 13:30 | K3

Lengte 92 minuten

Taal Multilingual

Ondertiteling Engels

489 Years
France | 2016 | 11 minutes | Animation | Director: Hayoun KWON

A voice-over of a former soldier from South Korea brings us to the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas. Kim tells us about his experiences on a research mission and the amazing discovery he made in a field full of mines. He talks about a place where people are forbidden, and where nature has totally regained its hold.


In the Year of the Monkey
Indonesia | 2016 | 13 minutes | Drama | Director: Wregas BHANUTEJA

Who would buy one match for 10.000 Rupiahs? In this award winning short film Diah takes her co-worker Jarwo aside to give him this ridiculous offer. The match itself is useless, but Diah has a little something extra up her sleave. It makes the deal all the more interesting for both parties.

Sang Pembakar
Indonesia | 2016 | 38 minutes | Documentary | Director: Hari SUPRAYITNO, Dwitra J. ARIANA & Ucu AGUSTIN

This documentary provides an insight in the Indonesian forest burning activity, which can result in a big catastrophe for Indonesia and surrounding countries. Those Who Burn shows how local palm oil plantation workers are faced with a big dilemma: even though they know the economical, ecological and political risks of forest burning, they sometimes need to do it to cheaply make space for their much needed plantations.

Sweet Dumplings
Belgium | 2016 | 14 minutes | Drama | Director: Lai Kin CHANG

Yin and Lee are making dumplings in the kitchen of their restaurant. Yin is kneading dough, while Lee is cutting meat and vegetables to make the filling. WWhile they are cautiously folding the dumplings, they are thinking of beautiful and painful moments that played key roles in their shared lives.

The Silent Mob
Indonesia | 2016 | 16 minutes | Action | Director: Harvan AGUSTRIANSYAH

A hired driver visits a remote area to gather a group of men to be used as paid demonstrators. An encounter with a family and another greedy driver will soon test their humanity.

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