SUNDAY 19 JULY | 19:00

Regisseur Patricio Guzmán

Lengte 1 hour 30 min.

Jaar 2010

Taal Spanish

Ondertiteling English

In the Chilean Atacama desert, reaching nearly 3000 meters altitude, astronomers from over the world come together to peer at the observable universe. At the same time, at the same place, owing to the arid landscape there is to be found plenty of skeletons; of mummies, lost travelers and mine workers, as well as the human remains of many political prisoners: historical remnants of Chile’s dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet’s rule.

Nostalgia de la Luz (Nostalgia for the Light) is an award winning documentary by renowned Chilean film maker Patricio Guzmán, focusing on the lasting effects of Pinochet’s regime. By correlating the astronomers’ search for answers on the origin life, with the decades-long struggle of many Chilean’s search for the remains of their executed loved ones, Guzmán delivers a narrative reflective on the importance of time and a political statement on memory.

The film was praised for its stunning visuals and impressive views of the cosmos, as well as for being a poetic and provocative cinematic essay on pseudohistory and collective trauma.

This screening is the first in a series in collaboration with IDFA, a tryptich on three of Guzmán’s poetic documentaries on Chile he made between 2010 and 2019; all three addressing the same themes, namely Chile’s political history, landscapes, collective memory and personal reflections.

The other titles in this series are:

El Botón de Nácar (2015) (note: this screening has Dutch subtitles)

nostalgia de la luz 1
nostalgia de la luz 2
nostalgia de la luz 3