Regisseur Tom Ford

Cast Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal en Michael Shannon

Lengte 115 minuten

Jaar 2016

Taal Engels

Ondertiteling Nederlands

Introduction by Inez de Brauw

For a series of Unfair20 x Kriterion screenings, we invited three Unfair artists to screen a film that is somehow connected to their creative process and the themes they address in their work. There will be an introduction by the artists in which they will elaborate on their choice of film.

In the last installment of this series, visual artist Inez de Brauw chose to screen the 2016 psychological thriller Nocturnal Animals by fashion designer and director Tom Ford. The plot follows an art gallery owner as she reads the new novel written by her first husband and begins to see the similarities between it and their former relationship.

This program offers a sneak preview to Unfair20 | The Biennial New Art Show, with five days full of art, performances, architecture, music and joy, showcasing the work of 40 up-and-coming contemporary artists, April 10-13th 2020, in the Westergas, Amsterdam.
— For more info on Unfair, see their homepage: unfair20.nl