Regisseur Luuk Bouwman

Lengte 103 min.

Jaar 2019

Taal Dutch, Italian, German

Ondertiteling English


An in-depth and eye-opening documentary about the rise of fascism in the Netherlands prior to World War II.

Was fascism a singular historical event, or is it something of all eras, a certain mentality that hides inside all of us? Allen Tegen Allen (All Against All) depicts a little-known image of how fascism gradually won terrain in the Netherlands. One can see how a number of nationalistic organizations already developed in the twenties, gradually gaining popularity. Leaders of the Dutch fascistic movement were inspired by the ideas of Mussolini and Hitler.

Unique archive footage gives a frightening account of how nationalism can derail. After the Second World War, around 200.000 Dutch citizens were arrested for collaborating with the enemy. Many were soon released, however, into a society in which they could fully participate, and even have successful careers.

After the screening a Q&A will follow with director Luuk Bouwman.

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