Regisseur Sam de Jong

Cast Hadewych Minis, Shahine El-Hamus, Gijs Naber, Oussama Ahammoud, Sabri Saad El-Hamus, Nils Verkooijen

Lengte 79 min.

Jaar 2021

Taal Dutch

Ondertiteling English

An exaggerated report of theft causes a chain reaction of events in Sam de Jong’s satirical tragedy Met Mes. Game show host Eveline (Hadewych Minis) wants a more meaningful life. Yousef (Shahine El-Hamus) wants sunglasses as cool as his classmates. Eveline and Yousef could not be more different from each other, except for their braces. Yet their paths cross when Yousef, encouraged by his friends, steals Eveline’s brand new video camera to trade for sunglasses.

When she reports the crime, Eveline declares under pressure that she has been threatened with a knife. What appears to be a mere white lie causes a chain reaction of consequences. After all, the stamp ‘with knife’ is not easily brushed away. After Prins and Goldie, Met Mes is Sam de Jong’s third feature film. Met Mes is both a media satire and a tragedy about human nature, in a visually overwhelming style. Met Mes has been selected for the IFFR Tiger Competition.