Regisseur Patrick Imbert

Cast Éric Herson-Macarel, Damien Boisseau and Elisabeth Ventura

Lengte 1u30

Jaar 2021

Taal French

Ondertiteling English

Japanese photo-reporter Fukamachi accidentally stumbles upon a camera that may belong to George Mallory. This is a famous mountaineer who has been missing since 1924. Before Fukamachi can study the camera in detail, it is taken away by an unknown person. Fukamachi returns to Tokyo and discovers the identity of the thief: Habu, a mysterious mountaineer who disappeared from the radar in 1985.

Le Sommet des Dieux is initially about the real life mystery of who summited Everest first. However what it turns into is an examination of a greater mystery, of why people would choose to risk death just for achievements among the mountains. It is a film of extreme struggle, an examination of a dangerous lifestyle. There are scenes here that sit among the most intense of the year, as scary mountaineering circumstances become central to the plot. Part of why these scenes are so tense is that the animation is realistic. With stunning mountainous backgrounds and tactile close-ups, Le Sommet des Dieux is filled with incredible animation that is littered with detail and transports you to fantastical parts of the world.