SUNDAY AUGUST 16th | 19:30

Regisseur Patricio Guzmán

Lengte 1 hour 24 min.

Jaar 2019

Taal Spanish

Ondertiteling English

In Chile the peaks of the Andes are never far away: the mountain range (Cordillera) forms around 80% of the country.  Guzmán analyzes the relation between that timeless landscape and the tumultuous history of his motherland, which he has left since the coup of army commander Augusto Pinochet.

Since then the dictatorship has been overcome, but the economic policy underlying it still has a hold on the country. Breathtaking panoramas of snowy mountains are alternated with never before seen footage of the resistance, all while Guzmán reflects in a personal manner through the voice-over. He also interviews artists and scientists, shining a light on the future: can the new generation afford to dream?

This screening is the last in a series in collaboration with IDFA, a tryptich on three of Guzmán’s poetic documentaries on Chile he made between 2010 and 2019; all three addressing the same themes, namely Chile’s political history, landscapes, collective memory and personal reflections.

The other titles in this series are:

—Nostalgia de la Luz (2010)  Sunday July 19th

El Botón de Nácar (2015) Sunday August 2nd (note: this screening has Dutch subtitles)

La Cordillera de los Sueños 1
La Cordillera de los Sueños 2
La cordillera de los suenos 4