Regisseur Pia Hellenthal

Lengte 84 min.

Jaar 2019

Taal English | German | Italian

Ondertiteling English

Who is Eva Collé? Italian, born in 1992, now living in Berlin, she describes herself in key words: non-binary, Virgo, bisexual, autistic, sex worker, writer, musician, anarchist, feminist, drug addict. She’s also a model, blogger and Instagrammer. A restless spirit, she regularly moves around with her white cat, from one part of the city to another.

Eva remains elusive, and that’s the point this film is making—identity is something that is constantly changing. Eva (a self-chosen name) is both strong and vulnerable, contemplative and impulsive. In the documentary, she reveals herself entirely, but much about her still remains a mystery.

We follow Eva in the varied activities of her daily life: at a photo shoot, in a hotel room with a client, in bed with a boyfriend, at the table with her family. Meanwhile, captions appear: questions and comments from her followers, followed by her reaction. “I dedicate my life to show the world that one can pretend to be whoever they want,” she writes. Eva is living proof of this day after day.

Aftertalk with PIC
Eva’s identity as a sex worker is only shortly discussed in the documentary. Especially in combination with her other ‘labels’, such as feminist and non-binary, it raises questions of the subject of sex workers. By inviting the Prostitution Information Center (PIC) for an aftertalk we aim to gain a better understanding of the well-being of sex workers. 

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