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Speciaal voor CinemAsia is door Jogja Film Academy en Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival een aantal Indonesische shorts geselecteerd. Jogja Film Academy (JFA) is een innovatieve filmschool gevestigd in Yogyakarta, Indonesië, als reactie op de nieuwe digitale uitdagingen. Het biedt studenten een plek om hun technische en artistieke kwaliteiten te ontwikkelen zodat zij uitgroeien tot makers met karakter, professionele skills en sociale verantwoordelijkheid.

Het programma helpt studenten uitdagingen aan te gaan die te maken hebben met nieuwe filmtheorieën, productie systemen, alternatieve distributie en marketing onder de invloeden van de technologische revolutie. In het kader van CinemAsia’s Special Focus Country Indonesië, is er een shorts-programma samengesteld met korte films gemaakt door studenten van de Jogja Film Academy.

Jogja Film Academy (JFA) is an innovative film school based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to respond to new challenges in the digital age. It provides students with the technical and artistic qualifications to become insightful creators with attitude, professional skills and social responsibility. The program helps students tackle challenges of new film theories, new production systems, alternative distribution and marketing under the impact of technological revolution. 

In the context of CinemAsia’s Special Focus Country Indonesia, Jogja Film Academy and Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival have put together a shorts-program with short films made by students of the JFA. 


Program Indonesian Shorts Selection:

Tina’s Secret (Rahasia)

Indonesia | 2016 | 14 minutes | Drama

Director: Dharma Putra

18-year-old Tina wants to be free instead of making a marriage commitment. She needs to keep her pregnancy a secret from family and persuade 26-year-old Arif, the father of her baby, to marry her older sister, Mira.


So Long, Home (Kapan Pulang, Kapan?)

Indonesia | 2017 | 15 minutes | Drama

Director: Najam Yardo

Boy (7 years) is very fond of his brother, Gerry (12 years), despite being often ignored by his older sibling. One night, Gerry suddenly asks to sleep in Boy’s room. Gerry’s attitude to Boy changes completely: he becomes very affectionate towards Boy. Little do both of them know a big change will take place on Gerry’s 12th birthday…


Terra Maschine (Mesin Tanah)

Indonesia | 2016 | 16 minutes | Fiction

Director: Wimar Herdanto

An exotic figure had just arrived in Leuweunggede Village under orders of the head of neighborhood-unit. The figure looks strange, and different from the other villagers. After an accident, the figure is ‘broken’ because of what one villager did to him.


Along the One Way (Sepanjang Jalan Satu Arah)

Indonesia | 2016 | 16 minutes | Documentary

Director: Bani Nasution

“One day my mother asked me to go home. Once I got there, she asked everybody in our family to choose a governor who is an Islamic religious leader. I refused because I disagreed with her logic. But mother kept on telling me to choose one based on religion. When the election day came, I made my choice.” — Bani Nasution


Sunday Story (Kisah Di Hari Minggu)

Indonesia | 2017 | 8 minutes | Fiction

Director: Adi Marsono

A woman is busy with her household chores such as preparing breakfast and getting her children ready for school while her husband sleeps, indifferent to her busy morning. The wife asks her husband to take the children to school, yet the husband refuses to stir. She blows her top, not realizing something…

Sepanjang Jalan Satu Arah
Mesin Tanah
Kapan Pulang, Kapan (So Long, Home)
Still 2
Rahasia Tina 3