Live on January 6th at 7.30pm!

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This 1st instalment of the series How To Move: Close viewing with LIMA will discuss the public space as a narrative construct, and public life as real-life cinema. The sessions will be led by LIMA’s curator Sanneke Huisman. Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum will be present during the livestream and discussion to answer questions.

Nicolas Provost, Plot Point, 2007, 15’27’’

PolakVanBekkum, A Collision of Sorts, 2017, 17’12”

Broersen & Lukács, All, or Nothing at All, 2019, 7’42”

Emile Zile, Western Digital, 2014, 10’48”

In this collaborative program between LIMA and Kriterion, we will explore the notion of movement through a triptych of close viewing sessions. How do we move, what makes us move and what obstructs us? Guided by video works and short films from LIMA’s extensive collection, we will collectively watch and discuss these topics through a special livestream for the first two instalments. For the full programme, click here.