Regisseur Panah Panahi

Cast Hassan Madjooni, Pantea Panahiha

Lengte 93 min.

Jaar 2021

Taal Perzisch, Engels

Ondertiteling English

A family of four drives through a beautiful desolate Iranian landscape. A father lying with his leg in a cast, a mother smiling through her tears, a young child bouncing through the vehicle like fireworks. And an adult son who says nothing, his eyes fixed on the road. It is soon clear that this is not an ordinary getaway but a farewell trip, where throughout the trip the family clings to memories of the past, struggles with fears of the unknown and worries about the sick dog.

Hit the Road is the phenomenal feature debut of Panah Panahi, son of renowned director Jafar Panahi (Taxi Tehran). With appropriate humor, the film paints a sensitive portrait of a family desperate to postpone the pain of an impending goodbye. With music by exiled Iranian pop musicians and an acclaimed cast, Hit the Road has already received several awards including the award for best film at the London Film Festival.