24 FEBRUARI | 19:00 - 19:10

Regisseur Theresa Strack

Cast Alena Ehrenbold, Ibon Amatriain

Lengte 10 minuten

Women surfing is exploding globally, yet the media is paying little attention to underground female rippers. We’re honoured to start the festival with the award-winning short film “Girl Go Big!!” by Theresa Strack. 

“Girl Go Big!!” tells the epic story of Swiss surfer Alena Ehrenbold. While living in a landlocked country, she turns to the biggest challenge of her life: to ride the biggest waves in Europe. Together with her mentor, Basque big wave legend Ibon Amatriain, she journeys into a life changing experience at big wave spot ‘Roca Puta’.

This movie is part of I AM SURF Film Festival 2017. Buy tickets here.