Regisseur P.P. Jambrina + Tami Gold

Lengte 50 min. + 30 min.

Jaar 1927 + 1971

Clásicos Latinoamericanos is a long term film program that digs into Latin American cinema to reflect on its history and the consistent conflicts and issues of the continent.  

Garras de Oro (Dawn of Justice) (P.P. Jambrina, 1927, 50 min)

Historians have claimed Garras de Oro as the first anti-Yankee film ever made. Its story is based on real facts: the fight against Joseph Pullitzer and the US president Theodore Roosevelt. This is how we see Patterson, the main character, looking for pieces of evidence that support how Roosevelt broke the international agreement that allowed the construction of the Panama Canal but kept the territory as part of Colombia. 

Garras de Oro disappeared for seven decades, its restoration was based on the intertitles of the film and newspaper clips of its few exhibitions. Its production and its limited distribution keeps being a puzzle into the history of US Imperialism in Latin America. 

My Country Occupied (Tami Gold & Heather Archibald, 1971, 30 min)

In this film, the personal testimonies of Guatemalan Indians, peasants, and guerrillas are dramatized to provide the narration for a powerful overview of the history of U.S. destabilisation of democracy in Central America. After watching this you will think twice about buying chiquita banana.

My Country Occupied is the first film Clásicos Latinoamericanos will screen from the 16 mm distribution collection of the Cineclub Vrijheidsfilms, a collective that produced and distributed political films in The Netherlands from the 1960s till the 80s.  

Q&A Tami Gold

At the end of the screening, we will have a Q&A with director Tami Gold, who was part of the US Newsreel collective.

garras de oro