Taal Engels

Together with Imagine Film Festival, Kriterion put together five Feminist Horror Shorts. The program will take place on the eve of the festival.


Kitchen Sink, 1989, directed by Alison Maclean

Kitchen Sink is a darkly comedic and surreal black and white short film written and directed by New Zealand filmmaker Alison Maclean. A masculin presence is pulled from the kitchen sink and a strange love story unfolds. Jeanne Dielman meets Eraserhead.

Possibly in Michigan, 1983, directed by Cecelia Condit

In this operatic fairytale in Technicolor, a masked man stalks a woman through a shopping mall and follows her home. Combining the commonplace with the macabre, humor with the absurd, director and artist Cecelia Condit constructs a world of divided reality.

White Men Are Cracking Up, 1994, directed by Ngozi Onwurah

Masie Blue is an enigmatic Black Widow figure under investigation by detective Margrave for her involvement in the suicides of successful white men. Through the blurred lines of perception and reality, the myth of the black feminine mystique is explored under the guise of a murder mystery.

A Visit from the Incubus, 2001, directed by Anna Biller

Lucy, a young Victorian woman in the Old West, is being tormented by nightly visits from an incubus. Her friend Madeleine tries to console her, but is unable to help. A comedic, campy and theatrical short film by Anna Biller (The Love Witch).

Lili, 2019, directed by Yfke van Berckelaer

Actress Lili knows how to convincingly play a role during an audition. But the man on the other end of the table also knows how this game works, it is his game.