26 NOVEMBER | 17:15

Regisseur Oh Sae Yeon

Jaar 2022

Taal Koreaans

Ondertiteling Engels

It is sad but true. Every Idol we loved as a kid turned out to be a big disappointment. When our love and devotion are humiliated, the director speaks up for her fellow fangirls, pointing her camera to the dark, twisted side of the K-pop industry and our society.

This documentary follows the director’s account of being a ‘failed’ K-Pop Fanatic. Once claimed to be the most successful fan girl in the K-Pop scene, she was devastated when her Idol got multiple charges of sexual violence crimes in 2019. Later known as the ‘Burning Sun Gate’, the biggest sex scandal that hit the K-pop industry involved several Korean Idols from popular K-pop groups. Humiliated, disappointed and confused, this millennial female director takes on her story a bit further, revealing the ugly face of the K-pop industry where fan girls and their devotions are easily exploited.