Regisseur Charlotte Le Bon

Cast Joseph Engel, Sara Montpetit

Lengte 1 h 40

Jaar 2022

Taal English, French

Ondertiteling English

Falcon Lake is a tender but at the same time chilling story about a first love. In her directorial debut, Canadian actress Charlotte Le Bon – based on the graphic novel by Bastien Vivès – succeeds in capturing the atmosphere of a long summer vacation in which everything but nothing happens. The beautifully bleak photographed setting of the dark forest-lined lake, the absence of adults and the strong score create an eerie tension. The warm bond between the characters and the turbulent feelings of the youngsters are portrayed realistically but also with humor by the young actors, Sara Montpetit in the role of Chloé and Joseph Engel as Bastien.

14-year-old Bastien travels with his younger brother and mother to a cottage by a lake in rural Quebec. They spend the vacations there with her mother’s best friend’s family. Bastien is impressed by 16-year-old daughter Chloé, who is unabashedly moody and prefers to avoid adult supervision. Despite the age difference, Chloé is charmed by Bastien and invites him to parties. She enjoys scaring him with stories about the child who mysteriously perished in Falcon Lake where she goes swimming with Bastien. Rumor has it that the child’s spirit still haunts these waters. Bastien, now in love with the worldly-minded Chloé, is ready to overcome his fears and win her heart. An event at the end of the idyllic summer vacation, causes a crucial turn in Bastien’s life.