Regisseur Hiroshi Teshigahara

Cast Tatsuya Nakadai, Machiko Kyō, Kyōko Kishida

Lengte 121 min.

Jaar 1966

Taal Japanese

Ondertiteling English

Hiroshi Teshigahara’s dissection of identity in The Face of Another is a creepy and compelling psychological thriller that follows a disfigured man who grows detached from himself when given a chance at a new persona. Much of the film is densely layered with blatant symbolism and imagery that is appropriately direct and forthright; using these intentionally obvious pictures of duality in framing and narrative to unmask the constantly hidden protagonist’s diminishing sense of self and swelling insecurities as the distance between his external and internal worlds drift further apart.

A businessman facially scarred in a laboratory explosion receives treatment from a psychiatrist, and obtains an amazingly life-like mask from the doctor. Soon after being fitted for the mask, he attempts to seduce his wife and succeeds. But his wife claims she was aware all along who he was and believed that both were just masquerading together as men and women do in different ways. Strangely enough, his personality seemingly begins to change after he puts on the mask as if the mask has influenced his personality. His new identity does not enable him to reintegrate into society after all.

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