Regisseur Orson Welles

Cast Orson Welles, Oja Kodar, Elmyr de Hory, Clifford Irving, Edith Irving, François Reichenbach

Lengte 88 min.

Jaar 1973

Taal English

Ondertiteling --

Picasso said that good artists copy and great artists steal, but what about the art of copying itself? In a world where nothing is original anymore, what is left but to copy what’s already there? All of human culture, science and the arts have been an exercise of observing the world, including the human world, understanding it by taking it into your head, copy it, refine it, improve it.

F for Fake (1973) by Orson Welles documents the lives of infamous fakers Elmyr de Hory and Clifford Irving. De Hory, who later committed suicide to avoid more prison time, made his name by selling forged works of art by painters like Picasso and Matisse. Irving was infamous for writing a fake autobiography of Howard Hughes. Welles moves between documentary and fiction as he examines the fundamental elements of fraud and the people who commit fraud at the expense of others.

An ode to the fake is long overdue, which is why Kriterion’s Modern Classics films in June will celebrate the copy, the false, the imitation pretending to be the real thing. Every Monday and Friday we will screen different imposters and their dogma: Fake It Till You Make It. Click here for the full program.