Poster Erasing Frank

7 DECEMBER 19:30

Regisseur Gabor Fabricius

Cast Benjamin Fuchs, Andrea Waskovics

Lengte 103 mins.

Jaar 2021

Taal Hongaars

Ondertiteling English

In this disturbing drama, shot in grainy black and white, punk singer Frank is placed in a psychiatric clinic in communist Hungary. Here he meets Hanna, with whom he rapidly forms a bond. Together they plan to rise up against the totalitarian regime in which they are immersed. 

In Budapest in 1983, Frank and his punk band perform a rousing concert. During the performance, the band is arrested for ‘anti-state incitement and propaganda’. With the help of his friend, Frank manages to avoid jail time and ends up in the open ward of the psychiatric clinic where Hanna works. There, many artists, writers, pacifists and intellectuals are found ‘to recover from stress’. 

Despite the relative freedom on the open ward, Frank struggles to maintain his sanity. Together with like-minded Hanna, he seeks ways to express himself in an environment where all individuality is suppressed. In often surreal, dreamlike scenes, Frank meets many interesting characters. Like old Dr. Eros, who warns him not to thwart “the most progressive regime in the world. Is there a way for Frank and Hanna to defeat the system?

This film is screened in partnership with Movies That Matter, an organization dedicated to screening films related to human rights.