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Ondertiteling English

In collaboration with Patricia Pisters Kriterion has developed a program on Eco-Futurism. The challenges of the contemporary world ask for new imaginations of our future planet. The two films in this program present two very different perspectives on our relationship to our environments and our technologies.

Machini (2019) directed by Frank Mukunday & Tétshim

Machini is a stop motion animated film produced with the stones from Congo’s mining
sties. Congo has the world’s largest deposits of cobalt and lithium, two of the
constituents of electric batteries. In a very moving and poignant way the film presents
the perspective of those who produce ‘clean energy’ for the future of the world.

Congo (Republic of the), Belgium | 10 min. | Language: French | Subtitles: English

Glass Garden (2017) directed by Shin Su-won

In Glass Garden we encounter Jae-yeon (Moon Geun-Young), a shy biologist who works in a scientific laboratory, experimenting with photosynthetic green blood that could produce its own oxygen and could be a cure against aging and dying on a damaged planet. Moving between speculative science and speculative future, Glass Garden presents an eco-futurist vision of a female Frankenstein who retreats in the forest. 

South Korea | 116 min. | Language: Korean | Subtitles: English

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