This program is in English.

At cineradio you listen to the best audiostories, together, in a cinema. These include not only Dutch and English-language radio documentaries and podcasts, but also Polish, German, Spanish and Papiamentu. With subtitles projected onto the screen. Each episode will be accompanied by a special live guest.

This is the first opportunity for non-Dutch listeners to listen to the widely acclaimed podcast Plantation of Our Ancestors (VPRO, 2021), co-created by Maartje Duin and Peggy Bouva. We will hear the two episodes where Peggy, Maartje and their families went to the plantation where Peggy’s ancestors were enslaved by Maartje’s ancestors. Together, they discuss how the way that they move through a place, a landscape, is shaped by their ancestry.

Maartje Duin is an award winning independent journalist and podcast producer based in Amsterdam. She uses audio to transform critical social issues into intimate, poetic stories. In The Plantation of our Ancestors, she collaborates with Peggy Bouva. Together, they delve into traces of slavery that connect their family trees. The podcast attracted an audience of nearly a million listeners, both in The Netherlands and Surinam. It earned wide critical acclaim and won several prizes. Peggy and Maartje are now working on a second season.


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