At cineradio you listen to the best audiostories, together, in a cinema. These include only Dutch and English-language radio documentaries and podcasts, but also Polish, German, Spanish and Papiamentu. With subtitles projected onto the screen. Each episode will be accompanied by a special live guest. This program is in English.

Audiostories Urban Astronaut (2019, NL) and Bells of Europe (1973, DE) are about climate anxiety: anxiety and depression that are rooted in the consequences of climate change. Climate psychologists Isabel van Schie and Sara Wortelboer talk about what climate anxiety looks like in their psychologist practice, and how this particular kind of anxiety might be constructive.


Marjolijn van Heemstra (1981) is a poet, writer, theaterproducer, journalist and podcaster. Het poetry and novels have won a variety of awards, and her last novel was translated into 8 languages. Marjolijn van Heemstra has written about how space can help us see the world in a different light, since 2019, for De Correspondent. This is also the subject in her recently published non-fiction book, Nobody Hurries in Light Years (Das Mag).


Peter Leonard Braun (1929) is a German radio producer whose work has defined the development of the European radiodocumentary. Glocken in Europa (1974) or Bells of Europe has been translated into over a dozen languages.


Sara Wortelboer & Isabel van Schie are both climate psychologists. Together, they explore the new forms of anxiety and depression that come with climate change, and how anxiety may be necessary to trigger societal change.


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