Ondertiteling English

Cineradio brings you films for your ears from around the non-English speaking world. Through collective listening events in the intimate darkness of the cinema, we will dive into the minds of our fellow humans from around the world in the form of radio stories with projected subtitles. This editions’ stories will let you understand: Russian, German, Marathi, Croatian, Danish and Portuguese.  
Never listened to a story like this and panicking about what to do with your understimulated eyeballs while your ears are buzzing? Fear not, there are other people sitting next to you feeling the same. But also host Katz Laszlo will (figuratively) take you by the hand and guide you through the evening to show that video did not quite kill the radio-star.

Content is generously provided by the good people of Radio Atlas, and of course with the permission of each of the producers. Visuals by Bristol-based rockstar & occasional penguin

Introduction: Johanna Fricke and Marta Medvešek will be giving an introduction about their recording.


Salad Spinner’s Song (5:00), Johanna Fricke, Hearsay, 2019
Guest Workers 2.0 (9:09), Marta Medvešek,
ROW-cub (4:26), Neena Pathak, Hearsay 2019
Mum Here (4:05), Mathilde Guermonprez, ARTE radio, 2015
And the Sign Says… (6:58) Vladimir Kryuchev
Espera (13:27), Sayre Quevedo