Regisseur Wong Kar-Wai

Cast Takeshi Kaneshiro, Brigitte Lin, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Faye Wong

Lengte 1h42m

Jaar 1994

Taal Cantonese

Ondertiteling Nederlands

Filmed in the apartment of one of his film crew, Chungking Express is known as one of Wong Kar-wai’s most frivolous and funniest films. But in spite of the lightheartedness, this also speaks of the characteristic strings of Wong’s melancholy love.

The doom and gloom of two heartbroken police officers takes shape in a bittersweet diptych: one becomes fixated on tainted cans of pineapple in a desperate attempt to process his ex-lover, the other becomes an obsession for a manic pixie dream fast food employee. But new connections seem impossible with the burden of a heavy heart. Chungking Express is a fairy tale encapsulating the struggle of connection, yet finding connection through the romance of commercial goods.

If you don’t get lost in the kaleidoscopic cinematography of a bustling Hong Kong, you can at least count on a naughty Pavlov reaction when hearing California Dreamin’ or seeing a can of tropical fruit. A tip for everyone who has loved, lost and is hungry.