SUNDAY 26 JULY | 19:15

Regisseur Marie Losier

Lengte 75 min.

Jaar 2018

Taal English, Spanish

Ondertiteling English


Portrait of the openly gay Mexican showfighter Cassandro in the last days of his career, also known as the Liberace of lucha libre.

As the son of a traditional Mexican family, Cassandro’s genderfunk has blown a breath of fresh air in the macho culture prevalent in Mexican free wrestling (lucha libre). Despite masculinity’s central role, Cassandro, with his long gowns and exuberant make-up, has proved himself in the ring, earning his spurs in a career spanning over 30 years.

However, the days are starting to leave its traces, and after countless fractures, concussions, and alcohol- and drugs abuse, his body has started to give in. We see a champion facing his imminent retirement and the consequential question: what is left of Cassandro without the spotlight?

A special screening in light of Pride week.

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