Regisseur Goran Paskaljevic

Cast Miki Manojlović, Nebojša Glogovac

Lengte 1 u 40

Jaar 1998

Taal Serbian

Ondertiteling English

Cabaret Balkan is a 1998 Serbian film directed by Goran Paskaljević. The original Serbian language title is Буре барута (Bure Baruta) which means powder keg. 

In mid-1990s Beograd, 20 people’s paths crisscross one night in rage and theater. A callow youth dents a car; its owner hunts him down and trashes his father’s flat. Michael, back from abroad, hopes to reclaim Natalia; her new, younger lover seems outclassed. A Bosnian drives a bus to eke out subsistence; his son works the Black Market for a sadist. A cabbie buys drinks for a cop he crippled in revenge. Swarthy friends at a gym confess betrayals of each other; violence erupts, then one menaces a woman on a train. Another young woman, traumatised when a knife-wielding youth commandeers her bus, calls for help and ends up with a gun at her head. It’s a macabre cabaret.