24 FEBRUARI | 19:10 - 19:50

Regisseur Txus Delgado

Cast Natxo González, Jaime Fernández, David "Zumo" Bustamante

Lengte 40 minuten

In the 16th century Basque sailors were master of the ocean and for many surfers the Basque country remains their favorite surf destination. The goal of this movie is to highlight the untold story of a special breed of watermen that live in a very special place.

“Big Wave in the Basque Country” brings us closer to the big wave riders in Euskadi. A small group of passionate surfers with an incomparable passion to face some of the biggest and most dangerous waves on the planet. Drawing on spectacular spots such as Punta Galea, Meñakoz, Mundaka, and Orrua, the documentary takes us through some of the most ideal big wave locations on the Basque coast. The film documents the close relationship between the athletes, bonding them in a brotherhood where localism and bad vibes have no place. The essence of pure surfing.

This movie is part of I AM SURF Film Festival 2017. Buy tickets here.