Regisseur Ali Essafi

Lengte 70 min.

Jaar 2020

Taal Arabic, French

Ondertiteling English

Three films that document or re-tell the dissident histories of Moroccan cinema and music in the 70s and 80s. All screenings will include English subtitles.

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Through a collage of archival footage, posters, philosophical texts, jazz music, magazine covers and cartoons, Ali Essafi takes us back to the emerging art scene of Morocco in the 1970s. The perspective of the artists and actors in this scene are shown, their stories are finally told. Before the Dying of the Light is dedicated to the victims of censorship and oppression by showing us the optimism and excitement for the future, before King Hassan II and his oppressive regime tried to extinguish it.

The story revolves around the docu-fiction About Some Meaningless Events (1974) by Mostafa Derkaoui and employs its behind-the-scene footage. After Derkaoui’s film was screened for the first time in Paris in 1974, it was immediately censored and lost to obscurity, until a copy resurfaced in a cinema in Barcelona. About Some Meaningless Event will also be screened in Kriterion during this event.


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