26 NOVEMBER | 13:15

Regisseur Je-yong Lee

Cast Youn Yuh-jung, Nash Ang, Hyun-jun Choi

Lengte 1u51

Jaar 2016

Taal Koreaans

Ondertiteling Engels

So-young (Yoon Yeo Jeong) is a ‘Bacchus Lady’, who makes her living as an elderly sex worker. When she visits the hospital for an STI, she meets a motherless Korean-Filipino child and decides to care for him. However, despite her decency and kindness, or more so because of it, So-young’s life takes a darker turn.

This film touches on every dark corner of today’s Korean society, from Granny Prostitution to the ‘Kopino’ (the Korean-Filipino Children abandoned by Korean fathers). Here, So Young depicts a resilient strong lady, who has been neglected, looked down and abused by our society yet bravely stands for the dignity of herself and others. This film carefully reveals the decades-old scars in Korean society, the scar that has been avoided by people for too long.

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