Every saturday in June at 00:15

Regisseur Sion Sono

Cast Ami Tomite, Mariko Tsutsui, Asami

Lengte 76 min

Jaar 2016

Taal Japans

Ondertiteling English

Kyoko is a beautiful, prestigious young artist who has a sadistic relationship with her assistant… until someone yells “cut!”, and the leading lady’s personality splits into multi-layered delirium. 

Written and directed by Sion Sono (Suicide ClubWhy Don’t You Play in Hell?), Antiporno appears to start off with the character of Kyōko (Tomite) prepping for an interview about her latest work as an author and painter. As she and the magazine crew violate her assistant, a director puts a hold on the scene. Suddenly, the personality of Kyōko and assistant switch, with Kyōko now acting timid as she is berated by her cast mates and film crew. Sion Sono reinterprets the Roman porno genre, using it as a conductor to concoct a mind blowing manifest on the situation of women in Japanese society.

The night film niche was originally intended for B-movie fetishists with an insatiable appetite for kitschy characters in occult or other extraordinary situations. Unfortunately, these last few years, the films seem to have been definitively tucked away in the DVD budget bins or digital thievery. That’s why Kriterion has brought back our nightly program, where we will bring the cult back to where it belongs, AFTER MIDNIGHT.