DONDERDAG 9 MAART | 17:00 | K1

Regisseur Hirokazu Koreeda

Cast Arata, Erika Oda, Susumu Terajima

Lengte 118 minuten

Jaar 1998

Taal Japans

Ondertiteling Nederlands

In de loop van een week arriveren tweeëntwintig zielen aan een poort die zich tussen leven en dood bevindt. Alle zielen mogen hier een herinnering kiezen, die ze mogen meenemen naar hun volgende leven.


One of the most constructed narratives of Hirokazu Koreeda, After Life is still an poignant and touching film about the way memories shape our life and personality. Set in a small mid-20th century social- service-style office, souls of the recently deceased are processed before entering heaven.

In this case “Heaven,” is a single happy memory from one’s life, re-experienced for eternity, which each of the deceased must choose within their seven days at the waystation. The workers at the institution work to design and replicate each person’s chosen memory, thereby replicating the single happiest moment of that person’s life.

Johanna ter Steege on After Life
“This film is not about death but about what is essential in life. It inspires you to think about your own life.”

Johanna ter Steege (1961) is a Dutch actress who has worked all over the world with famous directors such as Robert Altman (VINCENT & THEO), István Szabó (SWEET EMMA, DEAR BOBE), George Sluizer (SPOORLOOS). Heddy Honigmann (BYE / GOODBYE). At this moment she plays in the KPN series BRUSSELS by director Arno Dierickx.