SUNDAY JULY 11TH | 19:30

Regisseur Mostafa Derkaoui

Cast Abdellatif Nour, Abbas Fassi- Fihri, Hamid Zoughi

Lengte 76 min.

Jaar 1974

Taal Arabic

Ondertiteling English

Three films that document or re-tell the dissident histories of Moroccan cinema and music in the 70s and 80s. All screenings will include English subtitles.

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Though the title may suggest otherwise, About Some Meaningless Events (1974) caused quite the stir back when it was released. After its first screening in Paris it was immediately banned by the Moroccan government and seemingly faded from existence until 2016, when a negative of the docu-fiction was found in the archives of a cinema in Barcelona.

In About Some Meaningless Events we see Mostafa Derkaoui, the director, with a group of other young Moroccan filmmakers roam the streets of Casablanca with one question for any passer-by: What should Moroccan cinema be? While they try to find the answer to his question, their journey gets interrupted by a young man with a fascinating story. Long discussions between the film crew follow about his story and whether or not to include it, for it could make them complicit in a crime.


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