What  happened  during  the  shots, what  did  you say  between  the  words. Gaps  of  language, gasps  of  images. Can  you  help  me  with the laundry? That was for a specific time:

the  utopia  of  the  writing  of  movement,  gathering  work, a toast to the collective and domestic life.
Emma Burkel        Gersande Schellinx       César Rogers       Ken Wenrui Zhao       Esther Gandrup       Juliette Lépineau       Théodora Jacobs       Mathild Cerc-Verhoven       Linnea Rutz       Hyoyeong Chu       Simon Pillaud       Sankrit Kulmanochawong       Kyong Lim Kwon       Lola Frydman       Pernille Winther       Itziar Domingo       Victoria Hoogstoël

A collective exhibition in Filmtheater Kriterion in association with Granate Festival 2020.