Due to lockdown, the exhibition has been extended until the end of June, and can be viewed both in Kriterion as well as online. Take some time to load the images, and scroll through our empty space.


What  happened  during  the  shots, what  did  you say  between  the  words. Gaps  of  language, gasps  of  images. Can  you  help  me  with the laundry? That was for a specific time:

the  utopia  of  the  writing  of  movement,  gathering  work, a toast to the collective and domestic life.
Emma Burkel        Gersande Schellinx       César Rogers       Ken Wenrui Zhao       Esther Gandrup       Juliette Lépineau       Théodora Jacobs       Mathild Cerc-Verhoven       Linnea Rutz       Hyoyeong Chu       Simon Pillaud       Sankrit Kulmanochawong       Kyong Lim Kwon       Lola Frydman       Pernille Winther       Itziar Domingo       Victoria Hoogstoël

A collective exhibition in Filmtheater Kriterion in association with Granate Festival 2020.