Heel januari hangt de expositie van Bo Wielders in ons pand.

“Drink some fluids, read words on the toilet or watch a movie if you prefer. Western modernity might be liquid. More flexible and mobile than before. Property becomes a burden. Exchanging over maintaining. Nomads are suppressed by settlers who want to become nomads. Architecture is afraid of aging.”

The influence of physical space on our behavior is big. It can direct and lead us. It can form the way we interact with each other. The built environment is one aspect of this physical space. An aspect that is very dominant and present in society and at the same time often taken for granted. 
With the writings presented in the bar of Kriterion I try to get some grip on the relationship of my (or the) body and the built environment; the power of buildings over bodies. I think that this relationship is influenced by a society that could be characterized as more and more liquid.
All these thoughts are put onto paper and form compact and chaotic texts. There is a corner in the bar where you can drink some water and digest; where you can spill, splash and pour liquids.